Choreographers + dancers Carlyn Hudson, Cerrin Lathrop, Jessica Evans, Kailee McMurran, Lena Traenkenschuh, Tia Palomino & Zahra Banzi came together under the nurturing, fervent, and palpable PDX energy that spurs on expression and entertainment through art & performance.

Since the group’s genesis in the blooming months of 2011, this modern dance company, SubRosa Dance Collective, has hit the ground dancing. In addition to SubRosa’s own shows, the Collective has performed in numerous Portland events such as Fertile Ground Festival, The Galaxy Festival, the ONE Festival, the Someday Lounge Incubator, JAW Festival, RAW Artists, Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven,  and Green Valley Music Festival.

Shortly after SubRosa’s formation, the group dove into producing dance for film as well as exploring dance photography. The numerous short films showcase dance works in an assortment of environments, telling stories of heartache, death, remembrance, and the seasons of this dynamic life ubiquitous to all peoples.
Subrosa strives to work with artists of all mediums and medias, showcasing how a “village” of artists can do so much more together, in tandem, in communication, and in support of and with each other. The bounty of possibilities and the plush room for innovation in art, is what brings beauty and poignancy into our communities, and thus, is our inspiration.


Carlyn Hudson

Carlyn Hudson

Co-Founder | Dancer | Choreographer

Carlyn Hudson hails from Nyack, NY. A daughter of a dancer & a visual artist/woodworker, Carlyn transitioned mid-upbringing from earning her Black Sash in karate to being a dancer. She earned her BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase (2008) & danced with Connecticut Ballet before breaking from the east coast swarm, letting loose her flock of dreams, & following them to The Rose City.

Carlyn’s level of dedication to dancing & dance-making cannot be overstated.  One can see the desire trembling inside of her, frequently overflowing into the form of a Dance. She is prolific and bursting, & while her dance technique is rooted gorgeously in Ballet, her work breathes into this world in all manners of the peculiar, the curious, the whacky, the ironic, as well as with aching prettiness and sweet honesty.

When the jet stream is smooth & dreamy, Carlyn choreographs.  When the head winds oppress, Carlyn choreographs.  Whether her inspirations come from the sweet or the sad, Carlyn moves from that place, creating an ode to her life & times that renders her courageously vulnerable & undoubtedly heard.  Listen for this impassioned voice, & you will not be disappointed.

Cerrin Lathrop

Cerrin Lathrop

Co-Founder | Dancer | Choreographer | California

grew up a petite force, vita D awash, in sun-loved Phoenix. There she sweated amply in the dance studio, weaving her art, & from this sweet-smelling tapestry she wrung out a bonafide BFA in dance from Arizona State University[’07]. In AZ, she danced with & directed numerous Co.’s, including her rowdy bros that she honed her Grande Batte-ies on [high-kicked/KA-POWED!], while picking up several prestigious choreography awards along the way.

Cerrin was under the Rose City’s spell from her implantation in ’08 until ’12 when she uprooted & moved to Japan where she promptly plugged herself in to the arts community. She taught dance at 3 studios, swooning over bitty Japanese ballerinas that make fun of her brave attempts at instructing them in their language, is a jewelry designer + artisan for her business LoveEarCandy, & uses fierce meditation + technology to send choreography, inspiration, & insight across the jade Pacific to the City of Rosies.

Jess Evans

Jess Evans

Co-Founder | Dancer | Choreographer

came of age in the mist & wind of the Southern Oregon Coast, where she began dancing with Mary Bonasera Matthews at the age of 14. With curls splaying, Jess danced throughout high school, & despite her relatively late start, earned a reputation for being a born performer & an intuitive, graceful mover.  She moved inland to attend Western Oregon University, studying dance and creative writing & landed a principle role dancing nationally & internationally with resident company Rainbow Dance Theatre under the co-direction of former Pilobolus dancer Darryl Thomas & former Merce Cunningham dancer Valerie Bergman.

Jess came to Portland in 2011, only slightly conscious that her life was going to change in ways that would remind her spirit of what it is the be alive with Love and to have faith in the Greater Yes. She fills these brimming days tending to her Bodywork & Energy Therapy career, drying her hair by biking, facing herself by hiking & climbing with her Love, spinning Chakras & mobilizing Qi, dancing dancing dancing, & digging in deep to the colorful earth of wellness & wild freedom.

Kailee McMurran

Kailee McMurran

Co-Founder | Dancer | Choreographer | Media Manager

spent her first years in Alaska, the last frontier as it were, as a pint-sized pixie with booty-long locks whose happy place was being in a handstand. After training & competing as a gymnast for 11 years, Kailee switched to ballet full-time until the proper Northwest beckoned & she ventured to Oregon.

She holds a degree in Graphic Design from Western Oregon University[’10] where she also danced nationally & internationally as a Principle with Rainbow Dance Theatre under the co-direction of former Pilobolus dancer Darryl Thomas & former Merce Cunningham dancer Valerie Bergman.

These days she is not only dancing with SubRosa, but also molding young spirits doing acrobatic school shows with Do Jump!, and touring with RDT. Oh, & did we mention that she is the leading lady of her design firm Design by Goats? Yeah! This is where she does a galactically magical mixture of graphic design, photography, video producing/editing, & web design. Often upside down. Where she is happiest.

Lena Traenkenschuh

Lena Traenkenschuh

Co-Founder | Dancer | Choreographer

comes from Washington’s faint & quaint Quimper Peninsula. With the ache of the sea and German in her blood [Traenkenschuh =Drinking Boot!], Lena was destined to be a curator of both Whim & WHAM!- a duality seen in Lena’s education with a BS in Exercise/Sport Science, a BFA in Dance from Western Washington University, and most recently an education & licensing in the Massage & Bodywork field.

These days Lena’s story can be peered into, as her golden 1983 Benz holds a microcosm of her life: Bodywork texts, worn dance shoes & socks, crocheted paraphernalia, concert ticket stubs, & a soundtrack that inspires her to cruz & move from that place in her where the aching sea and the keen blood churn out her empowered life.

Recently, Lena has been dancing not only with SubRosa, but also with WolfBird Dance & Portland dance veteran Tere Mathern. Travel, on all levels of consciousness, is on the horizon, but for today Lena is sufficiently spinning her web of art & science throughout Portland, over the bittersüß bridges & Sub the Rose.

Tia Palomino

Tia Palomino

Co-Founder | Dancer | Choreographer

how can you NOT be a dancing/tumbling/maneuvering tour de force with a name like that? At her parent’s gym in Colorado, Tia was balancing on beams & loving the stage from age 3 on up. After high school, she left her closet full of velvet unitards and off-the-shoulder apparel for an off-the-grid gig entertaining sunburnt & sloshed Royal Caribbean Cruise Line guests. Finally, Tia moved out to Portland where she has left her glistening sweat-mark on multitudes of stages, trapezes, trampolines, & swooning hearts.

It is safe to say that Tia is in high demand as an entertainer and instructor these days.  She is the School Director for Polaris Dance Theater, teaches physical theatre, trapeze, & acrobats, and helps bring SubRosa’s works to a level of technical prowess & rich artistry. AND! She brought into this world the newest rosette, Roxy!

Zahra Banzi

Zahra Banzi

Co-Founder | Dancer | Choreographer | Berlin, Germany

was destined to be a creature of allure with her roots in Madrid, her half-Moroccan blood, & her general propensity for being a walking work of art. Upon her return to the Northwest from CalArts, her BFA in Dance on the dash of her beloved ol’ Volvo, Zahra set the Portland dance scene afire dancing with numerous choreographers, in numerous festivals, Co-Directing Friendly Pheromones as well as SubRosa Dance, sharing the stage with her family’s band the Al Andalus Ensemble, & teaching classes throughout the city.

Zahra often wears her hair in a delicious bun, her dresses artfully, & with endless generosity shares her kind and magnetic spirit through dance & personal connection. Currently, Zahra lives in Berlin where she is dancing and riding la vie Boheme. Wherever she finds herself, she is certain to be casting a wondrous web of sensory splendor.


“…the dance collective proves it’s possible to be youthful without being childish, feminine without being frivolous, sensual without being exploitative, relevant without being preachy, and funny without being laughable. This young, pretty company is not to be taken lightly.”

A.L. Adams

January 26, 2014, Oregon ArtsWatch

“…excellent dance activism in action.”


June 6, 2013 , Free Body Project

“…Heirloom proves a deeply personal and at times highly relatable venture into the relationships and struggles of everyday life…”

Kaitie Todd

January 25th, 2014, Willamette Week

“It spoke of violence, the sexualization of women, femininity, anonymity and strength.”

Jamuna Chiarini

January 22, 2014 , Oregon ArtsWatch

“SubRosa’s movements are interesting and inventive, but my take away is more the energy and ideas left behind…”

Jamuna Chiarini

June 25, 2015, Oregon ArtsWatch

“The whole audience was laughing out loud. I hope to see this piece performed again someday.”

Laura Mabe

January 29, 2012, Invictus Dance


Living the Room is performed in the round telling stories using the furniture in our lives. This show can be adapted to many different spaces and can be paired with Living the Room // Dance for Film.

Living the Room

Heirloom was a site specific evening length performance telling intimate family stories. Heirloom can be adapted to a raised stage with video ability.


Foibles is 30 minutes of a light hearted look into personal foibles through a combo of tongue-in-cheek ballet and modern. Foibles can be adapted to any traditional theatre.


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